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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Concerned social tenants about Universal Credit

Benefit tenants are reported to be nervous about the budgeting pressures of  the new universal credit.

Research by the Social Market Foundation shows that most social tenants in receipt of  housing benefit would prefer it if their rent payment were made directly to  their landlords.

Of the thirty low-income households interviewed most were ‘strongly opposed’ to receiving their rental payments, worried about managing their household budgets effectively.

Let's hope the government listen to common sense on this one.

Read in Inside Housing
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Anonymous said...

Yes landlords do need to worry i have many properties all rented to DHSS tenants I have already started to remove anyone problems as this scheme universal credit does not allow the landlord to be paid direct, the homeless will be unreal id rather have my properties empty than allow my tenants to drink and fuel there drug problems with my rent,children will suffer as these families will be evicted, i have sent a letter to all my tenants and explained this new scheme none want it, infact 90percent have asked me to look after there bank accounts as they will spend the money before paying rent council tax etc etc, THESE SCHEME IS NOT GOING TO WORK, GOVERNMENT DOES HAVE A GLUE ABOUT WHAT HAPPENS BEHIND THESE PEOPLES DOORS

Anonymous said...

Absolutely right!

Unfortunately there is an underclass of people who cannot manage their money. They will never be responsible about it and will spend, spend, spend it whether it is theirs or not as long as it finds its way into their pockets.

I have had several infestations of undesirable tenants like this who have never paid me a penny of the money they had received from the council to cover their rent.

These tenants spend the money intended for the roof over their heads on anything but. Drugs, booze, fancy goods - you name it. Meanwhile while the landlord is struggling to pay the mortgage whilst these parasites get a free ride. The government surely must be plain crazy and so far removed from reality to continue with this strategy by the introduction of a universal credit.