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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Tenant sees condensation sense

I've spoken before about the problems landlords have with condensation.

One of my tenants took the dramatic step of call in the Environmental Health Officer because of the mould problem. Now this was a classic example of how to manage your tenants and their tenancy. The first thing I knew about the tenant going to the council was when I was contacted by the Officer informing me of the visit. I could have overreacted. Got defensive given that I have told the tenants on a number of occasions that it wasn't damp but condensation. Instead I used reverse psychology. When I contacted the tenant I embraced the prospect of the visit emphasising the positives that a "fresh set of eyes" might bring to the scenario including some additional solutions.

EHO visit came & went
The visit came and went. I then received a call from a very compliant tenant who was very almost evangelical in her embrace of the fact that there were things that she could do to manage the condensation in the property and tackle the odd incident of mould.

Condensation and mould can be managed
Having Condensation like landlording is a management issue. Landlords need guile and cunning to keep their tenants on side and get the best out of what should be a collaborative relationship between landlord and tenant.

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