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Saturday, February 16, 2013

5 Reasons To Love Landlords

OK Valentines day is over.  But that doesn't mean we should stop loving our landlords.  I know the liberal press aka the Guardian have it in for us landlords.  We are all money grabbing, scheming, uncaring, ruthless, Rachmanesque characters who love nothing more to see their tenants suffer in squalor.

I would like to put forward 5 reasons why the nation should LOVE us landlords:

1. We don't cost anything.  Private landlords unlike the swaves of social housing and council housing doesn't cost the state a bean despite the fact that we are now providing over 15% of the countries accommodation.

2. Looking at my next tax return we actually contribute a significant amount to the tax coffers through the tax I pay on my rental profits.

3. Tenants of private landlords will deal with the owner director.  How many large organisations will you ever be able to speak to the CEO or Chief Executive directly and have them make a decision there and then.

4. We care.  I know that many commentators find it hard to believe but many landlords care very much about their property, their rental business and yes unbelievably about the welfare of our tenants.  Guardian writers - please note this!

5. We are investing.  Unlike many sectors of the economy landlords are putting their hand in their pocket and investing vast sums in UKplc to provide accommodation where it is needed for people who otherwise would struggle to find a place to live.

So Britain I urge you to not only value but to LOVE your landlords.  

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